Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sumire Means Violet in Japanese

Spring Violets by Candied Sumire
Spring Violets, a photo by Candied Sumire on Flickr.
Perhaps some readers may wonder about my screen-name. Violets are one of my favorite flowers so I chose the name Sumire since it means violet (the flower, not the color) in Japanese. My mother wanted violets for her wedding bouquet but as she married in May they were already out of season. I would like them as well but my June wedding puts them even more out of season. I think this missed chance has always made violets a little melancholy to me but that has made them even more dear.

In order to not miss out on violets this year (I hope to press a few) I picked three on my way home. I felt quite nefarious doing it since, as I mentioned earlier, my mother always taught me not to pick flowers. To ease my conscience I picked a very few and left many behind. Once I had them home the collection of little glass bottles on my bureau called out to me, so I had to put the violets and some water in one.  In a few days I will get them in my flower press though, never fear!

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