Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Memories

Bow by Candied Sumire
Bow, a photo by Candied Sumire on Flickr.
I am slowly getting the hang of this picture posting although obviously, from the "soft focus" look of this picture, not the actual picture taking.  I feel I ought to write about the wedding after all this build up.  (Can I say "all this" in reference to two posts total?)  The thing is, it's still such a blur... making this photo even more apropos.

There were friends there that I hadn't seen in ages that I spoke to for less than five minutes.  There was all of Mr. Dashing's family to meet.  My flowers left a spot on my gown that I couldn't stop thinking about or talking about to said friends and family, much to my consternation.  Looking back it didn't matter in the slightest.  It doesn't show up in a single picture.  In all the whirl of the day I guess it was something on which to focus.

I always thought the photographs from your wedding were so that you could remember the day but honestly I don't remember large parts of it.  The photographs are more to show me what happened.  This is why I find myself trying to blot the butter cream frosting off my fondant bow and save it forever.  It's not merely because I like arranging pretty mementos.  I remember removing the bow -- which the sweet ladies who helped out at my wedding put, erroneously, on top of the cake -- and putting it on the side where it belonged.  I thought as I was doing it how silly it was that it even mattered on my wedding day and it really didn't but I remember that moment well.  Much more clearly than I remember cutting the cake together mere moments later!

I may not remember the sweetest parts of the day but in the photos I am beaming and every day Mr. Dashing does something sweet so even if the moments blur together -- happiness shines through them all.

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  1. Welcome to blogging and congratulations on your wedding. Thanks also for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. Yes, 7/11 had the most interesting things.