Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Beginnings

I am in the throes of a cold as I write this. It is not the worst cold, certainly not the misery of the flu, but I have a sore throat and a very red nose (the curse of pale skin) to show for it. It does not seem to be the most fortuitous way to start this blog but it is keeping me in bed with a stack of November Victoria magazines and my laptop for company and so I find I have the time to write.

I ought not to make it sound as if I am left entirely to my own resources for my cat Wheatflower has snuggled up with me for much of the day and my darling love, Mr. Dashing, has brought me breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed as well as cups of tea all day long. However it is dull to lie in bed all day when I had such plans for this weekend! I suppose it has made me actually get to starting this blog which I have been planning lo these many months.

Figgy Pudding is actually my sister's idea as it is a reference to her name (which is not Fig but perhaps shall be on here). However since we have had our spheres decided since childhood, she the artist and I the writer, I am now writing about her design company. I do some design work myself nowadays and she has been known to pen a lovely poem as well so we do mingle our interests more than it may sound (she may even pop by here sometimes, but maybe not). The tea comes from Mr. Dashing and I since we have a dream of opening a tea shop one day in which to serve tea and show off Figgy Pudding wares.

So there you have it web denizens, another blogger in love with the romantic glow of bygone eras, tea and cats. I shall not lack for compatriots, of this we can be sure!

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