Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I had a scone for breakfast today.  A freshly baked scone.  I got up twenty minutes late but I still was able to pop a batch of scones in the oven and have one to eat on the way to work.  This is because I baked refrigerated scones from a cardboard tube.  I am vacillating between feeling quite clever and feeling like a fraud.

I buy baked goods with some regularity if I’m not feeling too austere because I love baked goods and breakfast goodies in particular.  Yesterday while at the store I compared prices and realized that buying and baking the scones was cheaper and as it is finally cool here in the mornings (still far too hot all day) I bought some to bake this morning.  Somehow however I feel like a poser making scones from a cardboard tube when I don’t just buying them outright.

I like baking.  I like baking scones amongst other things.  I don’t like cleaning up after baking I admit and I sometimes begrudge the amount of time it takes – usually after the fact.  I will proudly present muffins to my husband only to have him say, “It’s eleven o’clock at night.  It’s a bit late for muffins don’t you think?”  My pride then falters a bit as I realize my evening has vanished and although I do have muffins to show for it I had other things planned as well.

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